Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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About Us

About MIY Vue

MiyVue.com is a progressive media organization providing extensive news coverage on topics and issues that impact our daily lives in politics, economics and social activity.

The site is also a channel for public discussion and social interaction and it provides opportunities for readers throughout the world to express their opinions, in a free, fair and balanced manner.

As the name suggests, MiyVue.com serves as the people’s forum, allowing everyone and anyone to express their views about any subject of importance to them.

Editorial Policy

The opinions expressed in any advertisement and public commentary are not necessarily those of Miyvue.com, or its owners.

MiyVue.com encourages all readers to engage in responsible and lively exchanges on issues and events covered in the news and current affairs dominating the day’s discussion.

We however, request that all contributors refrain from personal attacks, profanity, comments that are in poor taste and comments that are potentially libellous. We thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspectives and wish to inform you that your username will appear with your posted comments.

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